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The Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition is a diverse group of transportation advocates that came together in support of one simple goal: to secure a comprehensive, long-term, multimodal solution to Pennsylvania’s transportation funding needs. Its founder is George Wolff, longtime Harrisburg lobbyist who has worked for decades on various transportation issues.

Act 89 - Quick Facts

Long Term Transportation Funding Solution

0 Jobs Created by 2017-18
0 Additional Investment in
State Roads & Bridges ($) by 2017-18
0 Additional Investment in
Local Roads & Bridges ($) by 2017-18
0 Additional Investment in
PA Turnpike Expansion ($) by 2017-18


KTFC Update Vol. 4, Issue 9

After continuously criticizing the series of short-term transportation funding measures at the federal level, it may sound counterintuitive for our Coalition to push for a two-month extension this time instead of a six-month extension. But the closer we get to another federal election year – and 2016 is one – the less likely Congress

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KTFC Update Vol. 4, Issue 8

One of the reasons PA lawmakers finally addressed the need for a comprehensive transportation funding solution was that we learned how to talk about the issue in ways that connected with the public and that ultimately attracted broad support. Our polling showed consistently that nearly 60 percent of the public – registered voters, actually

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KTFC Update – Vol. 4, Issue 7

Transportation funding advocates are holding events in Lancaster, Philadelphia, Reading, Pittsburgh, Erie and York this week under the banner of Stand Up 4 Transportation. The events are to urge Congress to address transportation needs at the federal level with a sustainable, multi-year funding measure instead of another short-term fix. The current short-term fix expires

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