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The Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition is a diverse group of transportation advocates that came together in support of one simple goal: to secure a comprehensive, long-term, multimodal solution to Pennsylvania’s transportation funding needs. Its founder is George Wolff, longtime Harrisburg lobbyist who has worked for decades on various transportation issues.

Act 89 - Quick Facts

Long Term Transportation Funding Solution

0 Jobs Created by 2017-18
0 Additional Investment in
State Roads & Bridges ($) by 2017-18
0 Additional Investment in
Local Roads & Bridges ($) by 2017-18
0 Additional Investment in
PA Turnpike Expansion ($) by 2017-18


KTFC UPDATE Vol. 4, Issue 16

Rarely does a day go by without sharp commentary regarding the failure of Congress to address transportation funding needs at the federal level. Instead of enacting a multiyear funding measure, federal lawmakers have now kicked the proverbial can down the road 34 times over the last several years, opting for temporary fixes lasting only

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KTFC Update Vol. 5, Issue 15

Even as Congress continues its patchwork of temporary funding solutions, recognition of the crucial need for a long-term federal transportation bill is growing among political leaders and the public. President Obama last week signed yet another stopgap funding measure, this one good until Oct. 29, after Congress again was unable to develop a consensus

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Last week, national and state traveling memorials to people who have lost their lives in highway work zone crashes came through Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Pittsburgh, a somber reminder to respect the need for safety in areas where construction is in progress. Speeding and distracted driving are factors in most work zone crashes, and PennDOT,

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RT @RepLouBarletta: I'm supporting Bridge to Sustainable Infrastructure bill to force Congress to commit to 10-year transportation funding.
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