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The Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition is a diverse group of transportation advocates that came together in support of one simple goal: to secure a comprehensive, long-term, multimodal solution to Pennsylvania’s transportation funding needs. Its founder is George Wolff, longtime Harrisburg lobbyist who has worked for decades on various transportation issues.

Act 89 - Quick Facts

Long Term Transportation Funding Solution

0 Jobs Created by 2017-18
0 Additional Investment in
State Roads & Bridges ($) by 2017-18
0 Additional Investment in
Local Roads & Bridges ($) by 2017-18
0 Additional Investment in
PA Turnpike Expansion ($) by 2017-18


KTFC Update Vol. 5 Issue 12

Last week, the Pennsylvania General Assembly took an historic step forward in capping the State Police allocation from the Motor License Fund at $802 million. They put the language into what is called a Fiscal Code, an annual bill that drives out the funding from the state budget.   The provision also includes a

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KTFC Update Vol. 5 Issue 11

Beginning on July 25 in Lancaster, the PA Highway Information Association will hold a series of regional events promoting the benefits of Act 89 to date. This initiative was kicked off last week with a Capitol news conference featuring PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards and others who have been close to our Coalition. The comments

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KTFC Update Vol. 5 Issue 10

In promoting the benefits of infrastructure investment, we often proclaim that it will encourage economic development and create jobs. Rarely do we come across as good an example of that than the FedEx Ground “megahub” near Lehigh Valley International Airport that is to be completed in late 2018. At an annual forum hosted by

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