The Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition is a diverse group of transportation advocates that came together in support of one simple goal: to secure a comprehensive, long-term, multimodal solution to Pennsylvania’s transportation funding needs. Its founder is George Wolff, longtime Harrisburg lobbyist who has worked for decades on various transportation issues.

Membership & Support

Coalition members include the highway construction industry, public transportation agencies, labor unions, farm organizations, AARP, bicycle and pedestrian advocates, land-use advocates, AAA, air and seaport organizations, associations representing local governments, chambers of commerce, travel and tourism organizations, environmental advocates, health care organizations, freight and passenger rail organizations and the trucking industry. View list of members & supporters


Our Focus

Our purpose is to provide information to help policymakers understand the challenges, and the choices that must be considered if Pennsylvania is to sustain the momentum in returning its transportation system to a level required to support economic growth and enhance the quality of life for all Pennsylvanians. KTFC Policy Issues

Our Success

Under the auspices of the Coalition, transportation advocates undertook vigorous, continuing outreach efforts that included elected officials, community leaders, business people and the public at large. In November 2013, after nearly eight years of effort, the Coalition achieved its mission upon passage of Act 89, a bipartisan measure that is being phased in over five years. Read more about our success…

Our Future

The Coalition has remained active. Its members were determined to support legislators who voted for Act 89, and not a single incumbent who voted for the act lost his or her seat as a result of that vote. In recent months, members have subsequently turned their attention toward Washington in an effort to encourage federal lawmakers to do their part. View our future goals…

Act 89 – Quick Facts

Long Term Transportation Funding Solution

Jobs Created by 2017-18

Additional Investment in State Roads & Bridges ($) by 2017-18

Additional Investment in Local Roads & Bridges ($) by 2017-18

Additional Investment in PA Turnpike Expansion ($) by 2017-18



KTFC Update Vol. 8 Issue 6

Our friends in public transportation, PennDOT and at the Turnpike Commission received some welcome news last week. A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by independent trucker and motorist associations challenging the constitutionality of the arrangement in which...

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KTFC Update Vol. 8 Issue 5

As regular readers know, we often take the opportunity to assert that we have a single, integrated, multimodal transportation system in Pennsylvania, as opposed to separate transportation systems for this mode and that mode. This issue's news links help us again make...

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KTFC Update Vol. 8 Issue 4

We are now halfway through our eight scheduled regional KTFC legislative briefings, having completed sessions in Scranton, New Stanton, King of Prussia and Center City Philadelphia.The remaining events are March 21 in Allentown, April 3 in State College, April 23 in...

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