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The Keystone Transportation Funding Coalition is a diverse group of transportation advocates that came together in support of one simple goal: to secure a comprehensive, long-term, multimodal solution to Pennsylvania’s transportation funding needs. Its founder is George Wolff, longtime Harrisburg lobbyist who has worked for decades on various transportation issues.

Act 89 - Quick Facts

Long Term Transportation Funding Solution

0 Jobs Created by 2017-18
0 Additional Investment in
State Roads & Bridges ($) by 2017-18
0 Additional Investment in
Local Roads & Bridges ($) by 2017-18
0 Additional Investment in
PA Turnpike Expansion ($) by 2017-18


KTFC Update Vol. 6 Issue 3

While the recent history of PA budget surprises is largely negative, we’re pleased to share the news that Governor Wolf has proposed reducing the State Police share of the Motor License Fund in the 2017-18 fiscal year. If accepted by the General Assembly – and that is not a given – it would free

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KTFC Update Vol. 6 Issue 2

This week a robust group of our Coalition members held a “meet-and-greet” event with newly elected legislators as they arrived in Harrisburg for the opening of the new legislative session. Several of the lawmakers said they were impressed by the broad range of interests that Coalition members serve. Our group certainly has a multi-modal

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KTFC Update Vol. 6 Issue 1

We certainly hope that all of our coalition friends had an enjoyable and relaxing break over the holidays. As we look ahead in the New Year, we realize that there are still transportation issues that need to be addressed, so it doesn’t appear that our group will be going out of business anytime soon.

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