Dear KTFC Members & Friends:

To the surprise of many, the U.S. Senate approved and sent to the House a bipartisan, trillion-dollar physical infrastructure bill. The vote was 69-30, with 19 Republicans joining 50 Democrats in support of the measure.

In recent weeks, many doubted the Senate would produce such a measure. In fact, it still needs the blessing of the House, as well as President Biden. Some House members have threatened to vote against the bill, saying that the trillion-dollar price tag is too much, while others threaten to oppose it if a separate measure that would spend more does not come to pass.

Despite the uncertainty, the bipartisan bill is a welcome development in many circles. Pennsylvania would receive an additional $370 million in the first year, with increases of $50 million per year for the following four years. Additionally, a special bridge fund would provide an additional $220 million per year for five years.

The House and Senate are now in recess, although the House currently plans to return later this month.

Be of Good Cheer,

— The Wolff