Dear KTFC Members & Friends:

The PA Turnpike Commission has announced it will move forward with a completely cashless tolling system by the fall of 2021.

The move will eliminate the jobs of about 600 toll collectors and auditors. Commission officials said those employees would either have the opportunity to move into other Turnpike jobs or study for a new career with the help of the commission’s tuition assistance program.

The move follows a four-year pilot project. The commission will spend $129 million to install 43 overhead toll gantries over the next six years.

E-ZPass – now used by the vast majority of Turnpike travelers – will continue to be the preferred tolling option. Those without an E-ZPass transponder will have an invoice mailed to them, although there will be a higher charge than with E-ZPass.

Finally, on another subject, I will take the opportunity again to point out that this week’s news links reflect the multimodal nature of our statewide, integrated transportation system.


Be of Good Cheer,

— The Wolff