Beginning on July 25 in Lancaster, the PA Highway Information Association will hold a series of regional events promoting the benefits of Act 89 to date. This initiative was kicked off last week with a Capitol news conference featuring PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards and others who have been close to our Coalition.

The comments focused on progress that has been made in advancing highway projects, funding capital improvements for public transportation agencies, and creating jobs across the Commonwealth.

Secretary Richards also warned that future projects will be delayed or cut unless our political leaders can reduce the reliance on Motor License Fund revenue for State Police operations. She expressed optimism that an acceptable solution will be found through the cooperative effort among PennDOT, the State Police and the four legislative caucuses.

The news conference also included accolades for the early completion of the Route 11 and 15 rock slope project, which eliminated a long detour more than a month early.

Transportation Issue Update