This week we sent a letter to members of the General Assembly urging them to freeze, at $755 million, the amount of revenue being diverted for State Police from the Motor License Fund. It is the same amount that was diverted in the current fiscal year.

As you are probably aware, Governor Wolf had proposed increasing the diverted amount to $814 million in the next fiscal year. There has been increasing concern among legislators and within the administration that the large increases in diverted money is already having a negative impact on Pennsylvania’s transportation program by significantly reducing the amount available for much-needed highway maintenance and other improvements.

The House of Representatives recently passed H.R. 622 directing the Legislative Budget and Finance Committee to study and determine the actual cost of patrolling highways and providing highway safety as opposed to other law enforcement efforts. This study is to be completed by the fall of 2016. The State Transportation Advisory Commission is also studying the situation.

Given that situation, and the likelihood that the diverted amount does not align with provisions of the Pennsylvania Constitution, it does not make sense to again increase the amount before those studies can be completed.

We encourage all Coalition members and friends to join us in voicing concern to your legislators.

Transportation Issue Update