Dear KTFC Members & Friends: Last month, Governor Wolf announced that 27 highway, bridge, public transportation, and bike and pedestrian projects across the Commonwealth were selected for $30.2 million in funding through the Multimodal Transportation Fund. This week we focus on some multimodal projects that don’t always get much attention, although they are very important to people with disabilities or who are older. Those of us who may have lost a step and may not see or hear as clearly as we once did are thankful. Many of the multimodal projects that became part of Act 89 of 2013 let people know when it’s safe to cross streets and makes streets more accessible to pedestrians, bicyclists and public transportation vehicles. I always felt that “transportation” is much more than just driving or riding a bus or train. It’s about mobility – in all modes. As we face new transportation funding challenges, it’s good to remember that we have made progress. Be of Good Cheer, — The Wolff