Dear KTFC Members & Friends:

As we approach the 2022 primary and general elections, we wanted to update and distribute the Coalition’s positions on various transportation funding issues.

The target audience for this information in the current election cycle primarily consists of candidates for governor, U.S. Senate, and state House and Senate, although we invite other policymakers to familiarize themselves with our concerns and positions as well.

Those of you who have been following the upcoming elections are probably aware that an unusually large number of elected officials are retiring, rather than running for reelection. This makes it imperative that we reach out to first-time candidates and educate them on the issues that affect our constituencies. These are issues they will face as elected officials.

Our briefing on policy issues results from collaboration among our many Coalition members, and we wanted you to be able to direct your political contacts to this material if you wish. You will find this document at this link.

Thanks to all who took the time to provide input.