Rarely does a day go by without sharp commentary regarding the failure of Congress to address transportation funding needs at the federal level.

Instead of enacting a multiyear funding measure, federal lawmakers have now kicked the proverbial can down the road 34 times over the last several years, opting for temporary fixes lasting only a few months. These band-aids make it virtually impossible for transportation planners to develop a long-term approach to addressing transportation needs and make any meaningful progress in restoring our transportation system to an acceptable level.

Generally, most states rely on federal funding for around half of their funding needs, but revenue from the 18-cent per gallon federal fuel tax has dwindled, having not been raised since 1993 while vehicles consume less fuel due to improving mileage standards.

This week, the Associated Press reported that approximately one-third of the states are in the process of doing what Pennsylvania did in 2013 – boosting revenue for transportation. The AP’s reports are among the news links below.
While PA and other states are wise to address their own transportation needs, the Federal Government plays an important role in assuring that all Americans have access to a modern, efficient transportation system. The Coalition will continue to push for Congress to do its share to make that happen.

Transportation Issue Update