A new poll this week adds to the evidence that Americans understand and support the need to increase revenue for our transportation infrastructure.

The survey, conducted by the San Jose, Calif.-based Mineta Transportation Institute, showed that 71 percent of U.S. residents would support a 10-cent increase in the federal gas tax, to 28 cents per gallon. It would be the first increase in the federal tax since 1993.

The current level of federal spending on transportation is about $50 billion per year, but the gas tax only brings in about $34 billion annually at its current rate. Congress has been able to manage only a string of temporary funding patches for the last several years, and the current one expires Oct. 29.

An article regarding the poll, as well as the complete poll results, are linked below. The gas tax increase drew stronger support than a mileage tax or a national sales tax.

Transportation Issue Update