It’s not a perfect solution, but at least some folks in Washington are kicking around an idea for propping up the federal share for transportation funding.

The proposal, detailed in the first news link below, would increase the federal gasoline tax and index it to inflation, but offset that cost to motorists by allowing them to claim the additional money they spend as a tax credit. In other words, in theory, it wouldn’t cost anyone anything.

In reality, it would reduce revenue for programs and services funded from other parts of the federal budget, so it’s not as though the proposal would be painless. Then again, our transportation infrastructure is in considerable pain resulting from Congress’ lack of will to raise the federal gas tax since 1993, and the fact that it has lost about a third of its purchasing power to inflation.

At some point, Congress must recognize that our transportation system is in poor shape, and they have an obligation to fix it. American commerce and our future prosperity depends on it.


Transportation Issue Update