As the new year kicks off, we are reflecting on some amazing technological advancements that hold such great promise in improving transportation safety and relieving congestion, and helping drivers manage traffic conditions more efficiently.

First comes the news that General Motors is investing $500 million in ride-hailing service Lyft, and the partners will begin developing an on-demand network for driverless cars. The initiative has the potential to reduce the number of cars on the road. Additionally, driverless vehicle technology has the potential to greatly improve safety by eliminating driver errors.

Next, the Commonwealth and navigation application Waze are combining forces to provide more and better real-time information about road conditions – weather, congestion, construction, etc. Real-time information enables motorists to pick an alternate route or select a different time to travel, also improving safety and relieving congestion.

Links to the aforementioned news items may be found below. The Coalition welcomes any and all measures that will help return our transportation system to an acceptable condition and level of efficiency.

Transportation Issue Update