Even as Congress continues its patchwork of temporary funding solutions, recognition of the crucial need for a long-term federal transportation bill is growing among political leaders and the public.
President Obama last week signed yet another stopgap funding measure, this one good until Oct. 29, after Congress again was unable to develop a consensus to address its transportation policy and funding responsibilities. For those of you keeping track, this makes the 34th short-term fix since the last multi-year funding measure expired several years ago.
As Congress’ inability to address the issue receives more and more national attention, people are coming around to the realization that transportation funding is important, and that federal lawmakers need to address it. Most recently, Pennsylvania’s top transportation legislators weighed in.
In a historic letter to the Pennsylvania congressional delegation, the chairmen of the Senate and House Transportation committees urged the need for a solvent Highway Trust Fund that sustains or increases federal funding to maintain the long-term benefits enacted through Act 89.
The Coalition will continue to do its part to support the members of our delegation, who have been largely supportive of a federal funding initiative.

Transportation Issue Update