In recent years, PennDOT has replaced an increasing number of traditional intersections with roundabouts to improve safety and keep traffic moving more efficiently. Now, we see another significant safety and efficiency improvement with the advent of “Diverging Diamond Interchanges.”

Pennsylvania’s first is under construction in Washington County on I-70 between the junctions with I-79. It’s a $50 million project that can reduce the number and severity of accidents, according to PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards.

Roundabouts often are greeted initially with public skepticism, but most members of the public seem to come around once they see that they are safe and simple to navigate. We suspect that will be the case with the new-style interchanges as well.

Act 89, the transportation funding measure enacted in 2013, was promoted as enabling Pennsylvania to provide safety improvements and relieve congestion. It’s good to see these types of projects moving forward.

Transportation Issue Update