A recent study regarding electric vehicles appears to mitigate concerns that electric vehicles could threaten the reliability of our electrical grid.

The study’s author, Matteo Muratori, of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, projected that even a ten-fold increase in the number of plug-in cars would not drastically affect the grid. There are only 700,000 electric vehicles in use in the U.S. today, and experts say we won’t see 7 million EVs on the road until at least 2025.

Even so, it would behoove us to begin planning now for higher electricity demands, Muratori believes.

One issue that needs to be addressed is how to assure that drivers of alternative fuel vehicles pay their fair share for building and maintaining highways. The current system of taxing fuel consumption does not do the job, which is why there is increasing discussion about implementing a user fee based on mileage.

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