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PennDOT confirmed this week that metropolitan and rural planning organizations across the state will have their transportation funding cut by $289 million over the next four years, a result of declining tax revenue, the lack of federal support for transportation programs and the diversion of hundreds of millions of dollars for non-highway uses.
PennDOT Secretary Leslie Richards has been sounding a warning about declining revenue available for highway projects. Soon we’ll begin to see what the effect will be in various regions of the Commonwealth.
If there was a ray of hope this week, it is that House Republicans announced they are creating an infrastructure task force to look for solutions, and that “the time for kicking the can down the road is over.” That quote was from task force chair Martina White, a Philadelphia Republican.
The situation would be bad enough even without the expiration of a $400 million annual subsidy from the Turnpike for public transportation after 2022. Neither Congress nor the Trump administration appear to be any closer to a federal solution than they were when the federal Highway Trust became insolvent in 2008.
We will see what the specific impacts will be in the coming weeks.

Be of Good Cheer,

— The Wolff